Appeal for supporting New Project for Orphan Girls

Dar-E-Arqam is a welfare organisation for development of the community. It was established in 2014 and has been working for the welfare of different sections of the society, especially women. The flagship project of the Trust is Girls’ Hostel. It is situated in lane no.12, Shivneri Nagar, Kondhwa Khurd, Pune – 48. At present it is sheltering 80 girls of 6 to 18 years of age group. These girls include girls having either only mother or father, from very poor family or from a broken family. They receive food, shelter, clothing, medication, education and culture. Evening Maktab is also run for the girls of neighborhood.
As you know, number of children became orphan and lakhs of families got trapped into acute poverty. Hence, Dar-E-Arqam receive around a hundred requests for admission into the Hostel, and they are still coming in. As 60 girls got shelter last year here, there was no space for more this year. Somehow a new room was prepared on the terrace of the Hostel and 20 new girls were given admission. So in total 80 girls are currently staying at the Hostel. In view of the situation, the Trust has decided to purchase land to expand the present facility in order to accommodate 200 girls giving them schooling and Islamic education. It is also planned to start a junior college and an academy for competitive examinations preparation for these needy girls. It is also observed in the society that there are number of unprotected women who are either widows, divorced or subjected to domestic violence. They are in danger and anything may happen to them by way of deceit or forcefully because they are weak and alone. A safe shelter facility shall be started for them and they would be admitted after legal process and verification.
Alhamdulillah, a 10,000 sqft plot has been identified close to the present Hostel. As the land is very suitable for the project, the deal has been confirmed. The cost of land is Rs. 2,35,00000/- (Two crore thirty five
It is only one of its kind project in Pune City. It is going to be a big project and it is a golden opportunity for people who shall take part in this cause, whether in small amount or big. Cost of 1 sqft is Rs. 2500/-
Hence, the people who have concern for the community are humbly requested to take part in this noble cause. You may donate, give Qarze-Hasana or help us reach the people who have concern for the Ummah.


Founder’s Message

What ultimately defines a good Chairperson of a Charitable organization is the ability to run the activities effectively with ease and manage relationships with his team and the Supporting Patrons as well. Mr. Qudratullah Baig, Foudner President of Dar E Argam Education Caritable Trust is a leader of highest personal standards with regard to honesty, reliability, and commitment to his role. He is a perfect blend of Confidence and Sensitivity.
His ability to read people and build most effective relationships with them has made him emerge as a strong leader who has stood firm on grounds to keep the work of the Trust going and growing even in the toughest of the situations. His passion to do small things with great love has opened doors of happiness for many orphan and destitute girls since Dar E Argam was established in 2014. And his will to Educate, Empower and Establish the Weaker Section has created opportunities of learning for about 700 students so far in the School managed by the Trust.

Managing Team


Daniyal Shamshuddin Sunge
Ashfaq Bhai
Mahboob Alam Sahab
Abdul Raoof Sahab
Sayyed Hasan Ali Sahab
Salimullah Sahab
Jamil Sahab
Feroz Nadaf Sahab
Captain Asif Ali Sahab
Suleman Khan
Architect Asif Sir
Sayyed Saeed Ahmad
Zaid Sayyed
Husain Juzer Lokhandwala
Mutaiyyab Sayyed
Sultan Shaikh
Janab Iqbal Sahab


Naeema Aapa
Advocate Farida Ma’am
Rehana Mullah
Shagufta Aapa
Shehla Aapa
Misbah Mehboob Alam
Tabassum Daniyal Sunge
Asgari Jameel
Minaz Aapa
Mehjabeen Ma’am
Gazala Ma’am
Dr. Sadiya
Simin Apa
Naziya Khan
Asiya Aapa
Nasrin Aapa
Shaheda Aapa
Sarvareena Sajid Khan


Abdul Hamid Memon
Qudratullah Baig
Javed Memon
Shafaq Ambari Baig
Mohammad Memon
Irfan Usman Sayyed
Jahangir Baig
Mohammad Zahur
Yasmeen Junaid
Shagufta Ansari
Naeema Aapa
Kashif Ahmad
Branch NIBM Kondhwa
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IFSC Code: icic0000074
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